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Blossom and Bloom is a general trading company based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates founded on July
2014. With additional offices in Jebel Ali, Greece and Lebanon. Blossom and Bloom is known for its experience with Retail, Food Trading, Hospitality Supply, Skin Care Supply and Distribution, General Trading with Import and Export and E-Commerce.

As one of the first companies in the UAE to introduce premium food products, we cater not just to retailers and wholesalers but also to individuals seeking variety of quality products for daily use. Aiming to raise the standard of living in every sense, we have expanded our outreach far beyond the trading industry.

We bring you complete and convenient access to a variety quality products for everyday use. We are committed to deliver the highest quality and the best value to our customers. We are owners, marketers, and distributors of an array of brands known for their exceptional quality and authenticity.

At Blossom and Bloom, our vision is to ensure your well-being through products you can rely on.  Our success is built upon our care for the community and how it has driven our efforts over the years.

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Blossom & Bloom is proud to bring you quality products with lots of varieties.

T O  S O O T H E. T O  R E S T O R E. T O  E N J O Y.

Blossom & Bloom is proud to bring you quality products with lots of varieties.

T O  S O O T H E. T O  R E S T O R E. T O  E N J O Y.


As we have already defined, we have not limited our offerings to a particular product. We aim to bring everything and anything that can complement your luxury and premium lifestyle. Our products have a high-end value and quality that can be trusted for your health, beauty, and lifestyle in general. We are always in search of better products and better partners to join hands with us.

Some of our major offerings at this point includes.



We bring you all the healthy benefits of olive oil by providing you convenient access to some of the highest quality products available. We carefully select and shortlist products that are able to fulfill our stringent criteria for quality and purity.



Working with experts who have travelled the world in search of best honey varieties, we offer a huge lineup of premium and pure honey. Our products are sourced from around the world and are offered in different packaging and styles. 




Natural and organic creams to rejuvenate, moisturise, tighten, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and promote elasticity for a plumped, soft feeling skin.



When you need something for someone special, we have a range of options available at your fingertips, right according to your taste.


An Ever-expanding Array of Quality Offerings

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